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Welcome to Golden Pond Resort

Golden Pond Resort is the best place to stay because it has beautiful properties, outstanding restaurants and guest rooms. The Golden Pond Resort is the perfect spot to cool off and relax after a day of exploring Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Indulge in one our many fountains, or take an invigorating swim at either indoor pool! If you’re looking for more activity then head over 15 minutes away where there are temples such as Swaminarayan Temple waiting just 4 minutes from room service delivery possible distance by car.


It’s not just about looks or hospitality; at Golden Pond what sets us apart from other hotels is feeling truly seen by staff members who really understand how important this can be when traveling long distances away something no resort could ever replicate!

Founders Note

Golden Pond Resort is a family-owned, luxury hotel that was founded in 2008. The lessons learned from our founder, He did not only pioneer the idea for luxury hospitality but also taught himself how to manage a hotel without any prior experience or knowledge about it whatsoever! You can see this philosophy at work when you stay with us; we will treat your visit as if they were ours own personal guest book where all guests’ needs matter equally especially those who come seeking Inspiration from time spent away on vacation.

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